Breath Your Body Alive!
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Breath Your Body Alive!

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Event address: Gaunts House, Wimborne, Dorset BH21 4JD

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A rare opportunity in the UK to experience an Osho Pulsation workshop with founder Aneesha Dillon

How alive can YOU be?

Think of the moments your body feels most alive – dancing, running, making love. What’s the maximum aliveness your body could feel? And would you like to feel a subtle version of that aliveness as an undercurrent in your everyday life and activities? That’s one intention of this Osho Pulsation emotional release workshop.

Our aliveness and sexuality are held in check by unconscious tensions and buried painful emotions, hand in hand with limited breathing. When we breathe fully, first the emotions are released, then the aliveness streams freely though our body and we feel it as joy and delight and tantric energies.

The buried emotions can be intense – that’s after all why they are trapped in the unconscious. Aneesha’s over 40 years of experience enables her to create a safe, secure workshop environment where the emotions are invited and made welcome rather than challenged or forced, and are safe to feel. The work is deeper and more healing as a result.

Pulsation restores a sense of wholeness by reclaiming the rejected and disowned feelings which we have pushed down into the unconscious, the ‘basement’ of our being. Through deep neo-Reichian breathing and direct ‘hands-on’ work to loosen the muscular armour, we tap into biological and instinctual layers which connect us with the life force itself. Once the inner pressure of unexpressed energies is released, a profound relaxation follows, deep into the core. We are able to settle into ourselves more easily in silence and meditation.


This workshop is for you if:- • You love feeling the vital aliveness of you body. And you’d like to experience what happens as your breath takes you further and deeper than you’ve gone before in feeling that vitality.

• You want your sexual energy to be both wilder and also softer and more melting.

• You’re stuck in your head, have lost contact with your body and have difficulty feeling your emotions

• You feel stale, frustrated, de-energised or trapped in repeating loops of thoughts and feeling. And you’d like to safely release and feel and heal the buried pain and emotions that are holding your life back.

• You have the feeling there must be more to life than this! There must be more to ME than this!

• You have a goal, a dream but you’re scared to follow it

• You are into Tantric work of any kind. Pulsation helps increase your emotional fluidity, a vital element of Tantra.

• You want to explore the enlightened teacher Osho’s unique approach to meditation via therapy


Changes that Osho Pulsation participants report include

• more pleasurable sexuality and sensuality

• a sense of vitality and aliveness

• freedom from old emotional baggage

• more love, joy, trust and laughter

• an expanded capacity to feel and express emotions

• a looser and more relaxed body

• deeper meditation and more silence

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Bookings and enquiries: 07528 302221

Early bird booking date 26 March 2018 - BOOK NOW!

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Sidika Petterson

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Thu 19
2018 Apr
Sun 22
2018 Apr

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