Birth Into Being Level One
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Birth Into Being Level One

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Event address: Yogasara, Picton Street, Bristol

Telephone: 07790 330531

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Be Re-Born This Spring!

Welcome in new life, new potential, new you and the chance to live out the creative, alive, ecstatic human being that you are!

Every experience we have is encoded in our nervous (limbic) system on a physical level. Sometimes, no matter how much healing we do, patterns still keep repeating themselves because they are still held at this cellular level.

Birth Into Being work offers the chance to re-encode our limbic system and literally change the habits of a lifetime. Level one looks at pre-conception, conception, gestation and birth to clear repetitive and inhibiting beliefs.

We have one core programme imprinted in our being that runs our experience of life - life is love. So whatever your experience of life is, then that is what you believe love to be and is the kind of experience you will seek out throughout your life. If your first experience of life was cold, harsh or disconnected, then that is what you will seek out as a valid experience of love.

This workshop offers the possibility to re-write that experience so you seek out warmth, joy, connection, softness and bliss as an experience of love. It is for anyone wishing to access deeper levels of themselves, to remove blockages and free up creative energy. It is also particularly helpful to anyone who is or wanting to be a parent, or create a business, project or life's work.

We'll use simple yet profound processes combining movement, meditation, visualisation, breathwork, touch and soul theatre to re-write our experience of birth and therefore life.

After an incredibly powerful and beautiful first level one at the beginning of November, accredited Birth Into Being facilitator Heidi Orvasaari is offering this workshop again by popular demand. See her website here:

Here's some feedback from last time: "Anyone who feels that their birth has been an issue, can use this workshop to explore, share, feel and re-pattern their memories. Heidi creates a safe gentle space, and uses some great structures to take you into yourself and your birth story." RI, Bristol

£170 or £300 for couples.

For bookings and information, contact Malika at or call her on 07790 330 531.

This incredible work was created by Russian natural birthing visionary Elena Vladimirova:

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Sat 6
2013 Apr
Sun 7
2013 Apr

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meditation shamanism personal growth Rebirthing psychodrama soul theatre