Biodanza, The Joy Of Being Alive
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Biodanza, The Joy Of Being Alive

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Biodanza, dancing the five fundamental human functions known as the five lines; Vitality, Sexuality, Creativity, Affectivity & Transcendence. Dancing these aspects of life in a group, connecting with yourself and others through music and movement.

Biodanza is a form of expressive dance with no steps to learn so anyone can take part. Each 2hr session is a group journey through music and movement. It increases your vitality and then brings you into relaxation with yourself and the group. It restores and resets the body on a cellular level, leaving you feeling energised yet relaxed.

The Benefits:

Biodanza lowers stress levels, helps to re-balance the body, builds confidence, boosts vitality, stimulates joy and brings new friends into your life.

The Joy of Being Alive! A workshop of vital expression and deep rest, a knockout combination for re-energising your life!

Are you happy? Full of life and the joys of Spring, whatever the season and weather outside? I am! And I want you to join me!

Biodanza, the Dance of Life is the antidote to the depression, isolation, loneliness, stress and anxiety so many suffer from these days. Most of these ailments are caused by disconnection from our bodies, a condition most know as "being in the head" or in some cases "mental"! This is from our culture, upbringing and our training through school. It doesn't have to be this way. The cure is very simple. MOVEMENT!

Date: September 9th 19:15 - 21:15

Venue: Siobhan Davies Studios

85 St George's Rd

London SE1 6ER

Cost: £15 for regular dancers and on the door payment

Special Offer: £10 for all those new to Biodanza, if booked & paid in advance through PayPal:

Payment to

Facilitator: Niraj (Mike Skilbeck)

Booking Enquires: Event Organiser Shanti Kate 78

or Email Kate:


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Kate Grafton

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Tue 9
2014 Sep

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