Biodanza & Sexuality
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Biodanza & Sexuality

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Event address: Chorlton Central Church Barlow Moor Road, Chorlton, Manchester M21 8BF

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In biodanza, sexuality is seen as an essential aspect of human life. When we focus on sexuality, what we seek is to add pleasure to our life, and develop a sensual relationship with life itself.

In Biodanza, the line of sexuality reminds us to notice and enjoy the many pleasures of life. It invites us to dance and movement sequences that help us to expand our sensory awareness, dissolve muscular tension and rediscover the body as a source of pleasure.

Why is this important? Research has shown that pleasurable sensations strengthen the immune system, are good for the heart, help to prevent depression and anxiety, and contribute to physical and mental health.

Biodanza is a system of affective integration focused on the fulfilment of human potential through meaningful movement to music within a group setting designed to trigger life enhancing experiences.

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Paola Biodanza

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Sat 3
2015 Oct

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biodanza sexual healing relating and communication personal growth