Become an Alchemist
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Become an Alchemist

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Event address: Crawley

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De-molecular manifestation & molecular de-manifestation!

De-molecular manifestation refers to creating something where it did not exist in abundance before and molecular de-manifestation refers to uncreating something which exists.

This process helps healing Any condition from arthritis to tumors to moles where something extra has grown, or create something is required for your body.(eg: Muscles, harmones etc). This process can be effectively used for weight loss and to change anything like food that doesn’t taste right, water/air that is polluted, wine that tastes off.

Please feel free to bring your child for the class. Children aged 15 and below attend the class for free

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Nirmala Raju (Nila / Nimi)

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Wed 19
2013 Jun

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Access Consciousness