Beautiful Relationships Retreat
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Beautiful Relationships Retreat

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Event address: Poulstone Court

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Relationships give meaning to our lives, very much defining who we are. They also provide unique opportunities to learn about ourselves and others.

The Beautiful Relationships Workshop is designed to help people develop, nurture and uncover the love that is sometimes obscured within us. It does so in a way aligned with your deeper truth, your aspiration and ancient wisdom. The Workshop will give you a self-help tool kit, enabling you to navigate harmoniously through the jungle of human relationships.

This first residential version of The Beautiful Relationship Workshop will be held at the peaceful location of Poulston Court in Herefordshire.

A special event, in a retreat setting this weekend will provide a memorable experience for all participants.

Cost: from £249

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Beautiful Relationships

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Fri 7
2014 Mar
Sun 9
2014 Mar

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meditation holistic life coaching holistic coaching spiritual shamanism relating and communication authentic speaking personal growth intimacy consciousness