Basic ThetaHealing Class
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Basic ThetaHealing Class

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Event address: Harrow, London UK

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Come and join in the fun and learn how to use an amazing healing technique, which will teach you how to connect to the Energy of All That Is.

We will learn how to identify limiting beliefs, and best of all, how to change them.

You get to

:: learn how to access the Theta brainwave

:: practice intuitive readings

:: work on all 4 belief levels

:: identify and change beliefs on each level

:: communicate with angel readings

:: practice future readings

:: clear spirits

:: learn how to supercharge your manifesting with Theta

This event is organised by
Alpa Pabari

This event happened on:

Fri 5
2013 Jul
Sun 7
2013 Jul

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meditation spiritual clairvoyance Chakra Healing angels Metaphysics ThetaHealing Quantum Physics