Ayurvedic Nutrition
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Ayurvedic Nutrition

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Event address: New York Open Center, 22 E. 30th Street

More details: http://www.opencenter.org/ayurvedic-nutrition/

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Ayurveda, India’s ancient healthcare tradition, views food not as mere nutritional substance, but as a living spiritual force that profoundly affects our well-being on every level. In this class, Ayurvedic physician (known as Ayurvedacharya) and esthetician Naina Marballi will explain how we can create an optimal diet for ourselves based on our own unique constitution (prakriti). She will also discuss the link between emotional states and digestion; weight loss; the effects of stress on nutrition; how to control food cravings; how to use yoga postures to enhance digestion; the importance of nutrition for healthy skin; vegetarianism; and other topics. Come discover the profoundly sophisticated nutritional wisdom of this 5,000-year-old healing tradition.


(4 sessions) Tuesdays, February 18–March 11, 8–10pm


Members: $135 / Nonmembers: $150

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Tue 18
2014 Feb

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