Ayurvedic Facial Therapy
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Ayurvedic Facial Therapy

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The face is rich in energy channels or nadis and in marmas, the energy points which are used to bring balance to the person.

Ayurvedic facial treatments are suitable for men and women and they always include a cleansing routine with oil, massage techniques, work on the marma points and a face mask too, to help condition and cleanse the skin. This treatment is suitable for both men and women. Products are chosen according to your energetic or dosha balance to help all types of skin, from dry and ageing to rosacea and acne.

The course includes

Full facial treatment routine - cleanse, tone, mask, massage, moisturise

Routine for working on the facial marmas

Facial massage routine

Theory of Ayurveda

Using crystals and gemstones in the treatment

The use of oils in Ayurveda

Making facial masks

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Sarah Collins

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Mon 6
2014 Oct
Fri 20
2014 Jun

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