Ayurvedic Aromatherapy for the Chakras
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Ayurvedic Aromatherapy for the Chakras

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Event address: 22 E. 30th Street, NY, NY 10016

More details: http://www.opencenter.org/ayurvedic-aromatherapy-for-the-chakras/

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with Ravi Ratan

The use of the distilled essential oils of plants to heal (aromatherapy) is an ancient practice found throughout the world. Probably the oldest continuous use of aromatherapy is found in India’s Ayurvedic medical tradition, which views essential oils as the most subtle (and therefore potent) expressions of the prana (or life force) of the plants. These oils are used to help balance and heal the mind, body and spirit and are particularly effective when working with the chakras. In this class, Ravi Ratan will explain the core concepts underlying Ayurvedic aromatherapy, and then show us how we can use specific oils such as spikenard, sandalwood and holy basil to harmonize and unblock the chakras and address specific conditions associated with each chakra, including anxiety, fatigue and depression.


(2 sessions) Thursdays, Oct. 10 & 17, 8–10pm


Members: $63 / Nonmembers: $75

Early Bird rate $55/$65 by September 26

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Thu 10
2013 Oct

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