Ayurveda Body Massage
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Ayurveda Body Massage

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The Ayurveda Indian Body Massage course is a blended learning course accredited by the Beauty Guild/Guild of Holistic Therapists for membership and insurance. The Anatomy & Physiology course is done online with the GTi who carry out continual assessment and award an external qualification. The practical training is done with me. You insure either with the Guild or with an independent broker - ask for details.

My course is different because you don't have to do any other form of massage training first! This is a requirement from many other providers but my course is open to yogis and others who simply want to explore Ayurveda.

Ayurveda means 'the wisdom of life' and is an ancient Indian system of healing which involves herbs, yoga and massage. This course introduces the principles of Ayurveda and will teach you how to analyse your client's Ayurvedic body type. You will learn about the traditional uses of oils in massage, and how to select the right ones for your clients. Ayurveda massage has its own set of massage moves and we will teach you how to use these in a full one-hour massage routine to use with your clients.

The course includes a lot of information about diet, lifestyle and keeping healthy using the principles of ancient Indian wisdom. This is a valuable addition to a massage therapist's skills, and it will also be of interest to yogis and to yoga teachers.

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Sarah Collins

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Sat 17
2013 Aug
Sun 18
2013 Aug

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