Awakening the Goddess Workshop on 1st April
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Awakening the Goddess Workshop on 1st April

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Event address: Station Hotel, Castle Hill, Dudley, DY1 4RA

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Join Balbinder Johal on this wonderful evening workshop, it includes...

· Introduction of the Goddess Energy and how powerful it is

· Visual Meditation to release old written or verbal vows from past lives or present

· Visual Meditation to birth The Goddess Within

· Reclaiming powers which has been taken, or laid dormant for many life times.

· Opening the Portal to the Golden Era of the Goddess to the present goddess.

As the doors opened in 2012, to 2015 when the women are not content with the roles they have had for many centuries and this was not in just one or two countries, but all the around the world. Women were child bearer and tied to the kitchen sink. The only time women went out to work, during the world war 2. When they farmed and grow food, drove ambulances, cared for the sick, worked in factories. They overtook the role of the male and proved that they could multi-task. Since then they have grown a lot stronger and work in the outside world, but not with equality, they are seen to be child bearer so the higher ranking jobs go to the male counterparts and they do not match with the Salary for the same job. Although we have done quite well but we hold the scars, fears, trauma in our cellular memory which needs to be removed in order to bring about the powers which the Atlantis women, old civilizations which were far superior and Goddess worship was normal. All women are Goddesses it is about time to reclaim our rightful powers within this world.

Venue: Station Hotel, Castle Hill, Dudley, DY1 4RA

Fee: £30 including refreshments

To enquire/book call Karen on 07746 674802.

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Wed 1
2015 Apr

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