Aura Clearing / Energy Editing
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Aura Clearing / Energy Editing

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Event address: Purewell, Christchurch, Dorset

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Frequency Healing

This clears distortion from your aura, which may have been created from traumas in this life or previous lives.

It helps those who are feeling low, anxious, stressed, depressed, lost and confused, or recovering from serious illness to feel better in themselves and to have more clarity.

This then allows your true self to begin to shine through so you are able to make conscious changes in your life, rather than feel that you are not in control of it.

Muscle Testing (Energy Editing)

This is a fast and accurate way of locating core fears, limiting beliefs, thoughts and emotions and erasing them.

This can help with issues such as low self esteem, weight loss, relationships or creating more abundance in your life.

Another term for this way of working is kiniesiology. However the techniques work in a very specific way, and have been created for the purpose of shifting clients forward by locating patterning stored in the chakra system.

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Carol Fenner

This event happened on:

Sun 21
2017 May

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healing Transformation aura clearing release cell memories ascension modality clear limiting beliefs release emotion identify blocks to healing