Astonishing Watercolor
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Astonishing Watercolor

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Event address: 22 E. 30th Street, NY, NY 10016

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Astonishing Watercolors: Mindful Painting for Beginners

Katalin Papp-Gyokeny

Making art can take us to a new understanding of reality, if we can stay calm in body and mind and learn to heighten our attention to observe and capture the images that are all around us. For our art to be true and honest, we have to clear our minds of preconceived notions of what things should look like, and instead see their essence. All we have to do is take our brushes, suspend our judgment and paint the images we see with the sustained attention they deserve, but we have to learn how to reawaken our eyes and trust our intuition. Then painting becomes a form of active meditation. In this class with a highly experienced artist and art teacher we will explore this approach to creativity as we learn basic watercolor techniques: dry brush, wet into wet, texturing, etc., using simple objects, photos of landscapes, portraits and figures as our subjects. Each session will begin with a short meditation. No previous experience necessary.

Note: A detailed materials list is provided below. Approximate cost $45.

A WEEKLY COURSE (6 sessions)

Mondays, October 21– November 25, 8–10pm


Members: $200 / Nonmembers: $215

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Mon 21
2013 Oct

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