Are YOU Ready to CHANGE Your Life?
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Are YOU Ready to CHANGE Your Life?

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Mike Traynor introduces this unique and inspirational 1 day Higher Brain UK intensive workshop to the UK.

Higher Brain UK combines elements of Bodywork, Breath Modification, Energy Point Release and Life Coaching to help you transoform you life by accessing the power of your Higher Brain.

What Does This Mean For You?

Have you always felt like there is something missing? Like you missed the memo on life? Like others achieve the things you can only dream of? This Higher Brain UK workshop creates the connections to activate your higher brain (prefrontal cortex).

Your higher brain is the area that allows you to excel. Increased energy levels, increased focus, increased motivation, more clarity and connection to your goals and fuller potential are all areas which YOU have the power to tap into and Higher Brain UK teaches you HOW to do this.

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To sign up for this life-changing opportunity, email Mike now on:

Workshop Price: £157.50 (incl 10% discount!)

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Mike Traynor

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Sat 5
2016 Nov

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