Annette Brown
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Annette Brown

I live in Lytham, Lancashire

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I am a ‘Universal Manifesting Actioneer’ in life, and a pioneer of positive living, always expecting the best from this magical universe.

I am a life coach, and a Law of Attraction Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Meridian Psychotherapist, Crystal and Colour Therapist, Angelologist, and Feng Shui Consultant.

I offer courses on Law of Attraction, Angels, Reiki and Chakra Re-alignment.

I simply love life. I love, cherish and adore the people in my life unconditionally.

I consider myself a 'Pioneer of Positive Living' with a great understanding of how low life can get if you allow.

I am very pro-active and certainly these days do not allow anything to overwhelm me, this is because I allow, I do not resist, I ALLOW.

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Law of Attraction Coaching and Teachings

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