Anna Caterina Florio
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Anna Caterina Florio

I live in London

Call me on: 07562 762 516

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I am a Spiritual Life Coach, a Healer, a Tarot & Palm Reader and a Jewellery Designer.

I help individuals to become empowered and overcome the internal obstacles which stop them from reaching their full potential or, as I call it, I help you to

"Tame the Dragon, Ride the Dragon!"

I put my healing tools and knowledge at your disposal so you will be able to manage your energies efficiently.

Areas of expertise:

Reiki Healing holistic life coaching tarot consciousness clairvoyance Chakra Healing Spiritual Healing Medu Neteru Sekhem Healing Crystal Healing Theta Healing BARS Access Consciousness Healing Book of Life (Akashic Records) Past Life Regression NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Palm & Tarot Psychic Reading Bach Flower Remedies Crystal Healing Jewellery

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