Animal Communication Workshop
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Animal Communication Workshop

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Event address: Tunbridge Wells

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How does it work?

You will be taught through a series of simple exercises how to develop and enhance your own natural telepathic abilities. This will enable you to have a two way conversation with animals.

I will help you to develop your own unique gifts. These may include seeing, hearing, tasting and feeling the emotions of your animal.

I will assist you in interpreting what the animals are trying to tell you.

It will be held in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, with personal attention.

Please feel free to get in contact should you require any further information.

If you would like to go one step further and assist with the healing of your animal(s), I would happily organise Reiki Level one or two training so you would be able to communicate effectively with your animal and you would also be able to help them with any healing they may require.

You will receive a 20% reduction in the cost of Reiki training with me, once you have attended an Animal Communication Workshop.

Or if you would like some spiritual guidance, why not arrange to have an intuitive tarot reading.

Please see my website for further details.

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Samantha Milns

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Sat 12
2013 Oct

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Animal Healing animal communication