An Introduction to Life between Lives
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An Introduction to Life between Lives

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This is a one-day LBL workshop and it includes a Group Regression to aspects of the LBL “space”. This LBL workshop aims to offer a greater understanding of the Soul’s journey from the non-physical LBL realms to the physical realm (earth) and to give a good idea of the detailed preparation and planning that is involved when incarnating throughout many lives. This might include meeting spirit guides, soul groups and the wise spirits of light who help plan each life as well as the process of the physical body selection for this life.

LBL sessions are quite often pivotal in a client’s life as there is an emphasis on understanding the current life and its ongoing “lessons”: the reasons for coming into incarnation at this time, the reasons for incarnating with the people who we have, what our goals are for this life and going into some considerable depth about our current life. Simply the profound understanding that we chose what we have experienced in the current life can be a life changing event.

One LBL client commented about her experience “In relation to the session, it has been the beginning of the rest of my life I think. So many things now make sense and after reflecting often, small things come to mind which ‘fit’ with the information I was able to gather during the session – some more concrete than others.”

As well as a wealth of information, this LBL workshop also offers the chance to experience at least one of the aspects of the LBL experience in hypnosis.

The LBL work is based on the research of Dr Michael Newton author of ‘Journey of Souls’ and the ongoing work of Andy Tomlinson, author of “Exploring the Eternal Soul”, and it is a means to consciously experience soul memories during deep hypnosis between one life and the next.

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Solutions for the Mind, Body and Soul

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Sun 7
2015 Jun

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hypnotherapy Past Life Regression