An Evening of Regression with Steve Woods
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An Evening of Regression with Steve Woods

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Event address: Station Hotel, Castle Hill, Dudley, DY1 4RA

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Steve Woods, Staffordshire’s well known Past Life Regression Hypnotist is holding an evening of interest and intrigue at the Station Hotel Dudley.

Starting at 7pm, the evening will be three hours of demonstrations and discussions on Past Life Regression Hypnosis. During the evening at least 3 people from the audience will be regressed and there will be opportunities to discuss what past lives may (or may not) be.

“Exploring your past life is fascinating and at the same time quite often therapeutic.” Says Steve, who has been working in Past Life Regression for the last 7 years and Hypnosis for over 10. “Whatever beliefs people may have before starting the regression, they often find answers to questions in this present life. In some cases an ache or pain that cannot be explained in this life will reduce or even go completely after finding that part of the body was injured in a past life.”

Using Hypnosis, Steve will guide each of the participants to find their past life and will then proceed to ask many open questions to collect as much factual information as well as emotional feedback.

Steve adds, “The level of detail varies from person to person. There is usually enough to do some research to see if the details of building design, food, drink and clothes match the years of the past life. In a lot of cases we get names and other family member details as well.” “With any regression work, the focus is entirely on the comfort and well-being of the client. There are several techniques used to ensure that only positive effects remain after the experience, the journey! This is just as important when there is an audience as well as ensuring that there is no embarrassment caused”

With tickets at just £10 each this promises to be a very special and interesting evening.

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Thu 29
2015 Oct

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