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I live in London

Call me on: 07792549151

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My specific brand of life coaching is based on looking at the individual

as a whole person, it examines how the relationship they have with themselves, the

environment and others influence the decisions and contribute significantly to future behaviours that hinder progress. Ultimately, the aim is to assist

clients to achieve long term balance and fulfilment. 

My style is informal but professional and focused. My sessions are

client led, based on their individual needs and personality requirements. I

work with them to help them to clarify their goals and objectives, and to

define the obstacles to achieving their chosen path or purpose.

My approach is:

  • Results

    orientated – life coaching with me will enable you to

    stay focused on your goals.

  • Facilitative

    You will get support while engaging in the process of working towards your


  • Non-judgemental

    –  My approach operates outside the blame/rewards or success/failure


  • Support – I

    encourage rather than tell you what to do

  • Inner

    resources – My starting point with my clients is based

    on the belief that they have the inner resources to achieve their goals

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Question by Amanda 10 years, 4 months ago


Hi friends, I would like to change the directory I am on, is there anyway of doing this without deleting and starting over again?
Jeremy Leach 8 years, 4 months ago

Yes, if you want to change the directory (topic) you are looking at - simply click on "Choose topic".If however you want to change the topic you are registered with, then go to your profile and change the "interests" or "qualified in" fields.