Alun Jones
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Alun Jones

I live in London

Call me on: 07711 906065

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Hi and welcome to my profile. Thanks for dropping by.

I love life and enjoy doing things that bring expansion and fun into my life... and if that helps others too, then all the better!

As a child I was told off for talking too much and asking too many questions... the irony is that talking to people and asking questions is now what I do to generate an income. And it's a lot of fun. Ever wondered what you were shut down for doing as a child, that you actually loved doing, that you could use now to create and generate an income for you? Perhaps this is something we can chat about in our first session together.

I do a lot of work via Skype so location is not a problem...although I do hasten to add my preferred location is in a coffee shop with nice coffee and cake while helping people! Which is also something I do a lot!

So if you'd like to know more about me, and how I can help you have the life you want, pop over to my website where you'll also find some free stuff, and some audio products for you to purchase and download that will help you begin making change to your life right now.

What would it take for you to have more ease and fun in your life? What if now is the time for you to do just that?

Areas of expertise:

Reiki Healing holistic life coaching holistic coaching hypnotherapy Access Consciousness EFT Access Bars NLP coaching

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