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Aloola Ramon

I live in Oxfordshire

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The first thing you may wish to know is that Aloola and Ramon are aliases. We have done this to protect our children and in order that our tantric and professional lives don’t mix. We don’t want to be judged by people that don’t understand.

We met Christmas 2003. I (Ramon) was introduced to Aloola by my sister; we were both then fairly fresh out of previous marriages. Living quite some distance apart, we managed to keep the relationship alive, traveling to see each other at weekends and holidaying together when we could. By March 2005 Aloola had come to live with me in Oxfordshire.

Some background information:


My background is being an ‘average’ British man. My interests, which were considered not to be mainstream at that time, were being left-wing in politics and having humanist views as an atheist. It was without a doubt Aloola who lead me into a tantric and spiritual direction. Early in our relationship, after Aloola had joined me, we agreed that, with us both having failed marriages, we wanted something in our lives that would help keep this relationship alive. I was given the task of finding that tool, and – after some research – I chose Tantra. I guess that was because I am a very tactile person, a naturist, with a fairly strong sense of sexuality; and my Aloola being the beauty of my life, I could really imagine the two of us getting plenty of fun from it. And today Tantra has become a big part in our lives.


Her background is quite different. Alongside her career Aloola had attended seminars, self development and life coaching, and she had attended some tantric seminars, too. She did and does work as a ‘Body worker’ and practices ‘Family Constellation Work’ with clients. She likes widening her horizon and facing challenges. She made it clear from the start that she wanted do actively develop as a couple, as well as individuals and gave me an idea of what she could imagine doing with me. Aloola was delighted I chose Tantra of all the different things we could have gone into.


In 2008 we tied the knot. Aloola came to me with two daughters; the oldest is now at university, the younger one still lives with us. I have three (nearly) grown-up children, who live with their mum. We now also foster a teenager.

Our tantric path has lead us to three very different and each equally special teachers. So, in timely order, we met Martin and Hanna of ‘Transcendence -Tantra‘ first, secondly came Robert and Marta of ‘Tantra Laboratory’ (now ‘Celtic Tantra‘) and lastly but not least, John Hawken of ‘The Tantric Path‘.

Our exciting path is continuing.


Areas of expertise:

mindfulness meditation Reiki Healing holistic life coaching holistic coaching dance 5Rhythms ecstatic dance tarot spiritual tantra tantric massage creativity music bioenergetics authentic speaking active meditation cuddling personal growth non-sexual tantra intimacy hugs consciousness Chakra Healing Tantric Disco Tantric Dance

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