Access Bars Class
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Access Bars Class

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Event address: Covent Garden, London

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Would you like to learn Access Bars? A dynamic body process for positive change.

Would you like to get paid to do energy work? Are you already getting paid to do energy work and would like to enhance your practice with something new? Or do you simply wish to learn Access Bars so you can gift Bars to friends and family and exchange with other Practitioners as you expand your life and theirs.

Bars Practitioners are making tremendous changes in people's lives, helping them to remove limitations and facilitate change and transformation. And this dynamic modality is being increasingly used by counsellors, therapists, NLP practitioners, coaches, Chiropractors and other health professionals around the world.

If you feel you're one of them, and are interested in the rewards of being a Practitioner and becoming part of a community I invite you to consider joining us for our one day Bars Practitioner Class in our secret hideaway in Covent Garden, London

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Access Consciousness Bars London

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Sat 29
2013 Jun

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Energy Healing Access Consciousness Bars Access Bars London UK Learn Access Bars Transformational bodywork Energetic clearing Holistic complementary therapies London Bars practitioner class Gary Douglas Dain Heer