5 Day Intensive Retreat with Unmani in Wales
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5 Day Intensive Retreat with Unmani in Wales

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Do you long to courageously stand in the fire of Truth so that you can finally Wake up and be Free?

Unmani offers this 5 day intensive retreat for seekers of the truth to wake up to who you really are beyond all thoughts, hopes, fears and dreams.

Unmani’s message is not only in her words but also in the energy field. She speaks from that ‘beingness’ that awakens to itself when it is heard. While the words are used to undo confusion and misunderstandings, it is also about resonating with what is happening, beyond all the words.

‘If you really step out of the way, and stop assuming you can control it, you will see what this Life energy does on its own. Risk living in wonder and surprise.’ ~ Unmani

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Sat 9
2018 Jun
Wed 13
2018 Jun

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