30 days to magic! – 4 call series
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30 days to magic! – 4 call series

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Event address: Online class

More details: http://www.infinitehealing.co.uk/events/

About this event

What if life is fun,abundant and joyful? What would it take for us to create our lives as we like with ease, joy and glory? Have you learnt so many tools but still 'something is missing' in your life? What if the trick is in using the tools not just learning them? Are you ready for a magical 4 weeks journey to abundance?

What do you learn?

* 30 tools and exercises that bring effective changes in any area of your life with ease Ÿ How to apply the tools on daily basis

* How to apply the tools on daily basis

What do you receive?

* Recording of the presentation to listen repeatedly.

* Work book to assist your practice

* Ÿ Review of your practice/progress every week.

* Clearing the resistance to change

* Daily email reminders to assist you with your practice

Work book included.

You also get daily email reminders!

How does it get any better than this? What else is possible? What magic can you be & create if you choose this call?

This event is organised by
Nirmala Raju (Nila / Nimi)

This event happened on:

Wed 9
2013 Oct
Sun 22
2013 Sep

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Access Consciousness