3-day Silent Retreat
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3-day Silent Retreat

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Event address: Battle, East Sussex, UK

More details: http://www.amodamaajeevan.com/amoda-calendar.html#EventDetails=656

About this event

This Silent 3-day Intensive is an opportunity to rest within the silence of being. As we allow ourselves to drop into the space beneath the chatter of the mind, we are offered the possibility of seeing beyond our stories to the unbounded peace that is always here. This is a deep relaxation that takes us to the essence of who we are. Periods of Silent Sitting and are interspersed throughout each day with Discourse, Question & Answer Sessions, and Silent Walks in Nature. There is no social chatting, meals and breaks will be taken in silence.

During the Discourse and Q&A Sessions, Amoda Maa will invite you into a fresh and intimate conversation that points to the essence of who you are. This conversation is both the arrow of self-inquiry and the bowl of all-inclusive love. The invitation is for you to see what stands in the way of the recognition of silence as your true nature .. and to be willing to let it all be transmuted in the light of truth.

This retreat is suitable for both beginners and those experienced in silent meditation.This is a fully residential retreat - but please note that there are only 10 residential places; if you live close by, you may come as a non-residential attendee if this suits you.

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Amoda Maa Jeevan

This event happened on:

Fri 13
2013 Sep
Sun 15
2013 Sep

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non-duality consciousness satsang