2 Day Intensive Retreat with Unmani - Holland
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2 Day Intensive Retreat with Unmani - Holland

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Event address: 4331 TB Middelburg

More details: http://www.padma.nu/AlgemeneArtikelen2016A/unmani2.html

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The Courage to Come Alive and The Courage to Be Free

Courage comes from not knowing. Courage to acknowledge what is really here. Not knowing has been believed to be a weakness, but actually it is a well of strength, power and courage. Real courage is not pretending to be tough and strong, but in acknowledging that you don't know and exposing vulnerability, knowing that this is not a problem but only more freedom and openness. It is the courage to live in line with the truth of who you are, rather than what you think. - See more at: http://www.padma.nu/AlgemeneArtikelen2016A/unmani2.html#sthash.g5YGeu5V.dpuf

- See more at: http://www.padma.nu/AlgemeneArtikelen2016A/unmani2.html#sthash.g5YGeu5V.dpuf

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Mon 10
2013 Jun
Tue 11
2013 Jun

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spiritual authentic speaking non-duality personal growth consciousness