10 Day Retreat in Portugal with Unmani
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10 Day Retreat in Portugal with Unmani

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Event address: Vila Nova de Milfontes, Alentejo, Portugal

More details: http://www.die-to-love.com/intensives-with-unmani/into-the-core-of-yourself-intensive-in-portugal-2018/

About this event

Unmani offers this 10 days intensive retreat for seekers who are now ready for the simple truth, rather than desiring more beautiful spiritual experiences. It is for those who want to come to the end of seeking and who have the courage to acknowledge the truth that you are, and can never lose.

These 10 days together in a small group offer a rich opportunity to: – question, share and discover how this life can be lived in truth and openness, without any false promises or dreamy experiences

– get to the root of all your hopes and fears

– wake up out of the dream of separation

– deeply acknowledge that you are not limited to what you think

It is about waking up out of the dream of thought, and living the Openness and Freedom that you really are. It is about exploring the truth, and what seems to restrict you, in the midst of your daily life.

Unmani’s message is not only in her words but also in the energy field. She speaks from that ‘beingness’ that awakens to itself when it is heard. While the words are used to undo confusion and misunderstandings, it is also about resonating with what is happening, beyond all the words.

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Sun 7
2018 Oct
Wed 17
2018 Oct

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