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Wreck-It Ralph – 2

Wreck-It Ralph is the eponymous main character of the popular 2012 Disney animated movie, “Wreck-It Ralph.” In the film, Ralph is the main villain of an arcade video game in Litwak’s Arcade entitled “Fix-It Felix Jr.,” wherein he wrecks a building and the hero, Felix, fixes it up.

Once the arcade center closes, the video game characters go on with their own personal lives.

Since Ralph is the villain of the game, the Nicelanders, the game’s residents, don’t seem to like him that much. This causes Ralph to resent himself and get the “bad guy fatigue.” This feeling pushes him to pursue a journey to become a real “hero” and to prove to everyone that he’s not so bad after all.

However, things don’t go quite as he planned, and he ends up in another video game in Litwak’s Arcade, where he met the energetic little glitch girl character, Vanellope Von Schweetz.

Together, they face many adversities and embark on an amazing journey that goes beyond their expectations.

Wreck-It Ralph Merchandise

Having released its second sequel this 2018 entitled “Ralph Breaks the Internet,” Wreck-It Ralph has easily gained a following all over the world. The movie series has inspired a lot of manufacturers of toys, clothing, and even claw machine prizes.

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