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What is the most dangerous animal in the world?

Recently, after watching the fantastic film Life of Pi, I ended up in a discussion as to what animal was the most dangerous in the world. Surely something like a tiger or a lion. Or maybe a crocodile. Then an unlikely rival emerged, the hippopotamus. Apparently lions rarely tackle full grown hippopotamuses , they could kill a lion with a single bite. They can run at a top speed of betwwen 30 and 50kmph, rivalling human top sprinters and in Africa it is the animal responsible for the most human deaths.

However, in all of this we paint many animals as savage beasts, and in so doing lift ourselves above such behaviour due to our civilisation and culture.

But surely when we face up to the harsh reality of the world we have created, we are certainly thousands of times more destructive than any other species on the planet. Our brutality has reached the height of sophisitication and automation.

We are more creative, but we create worlds only for ourselves and those worlds are built on the destruction of the environment.

We are the most dangerous animal ever to have existed

Hunting wild animals to extinction, destroying rainforests, polluting the oceans, creating systems in which animals are born, live and die in artificial in often cruel environments to serve the ever increasing demand of humans for ever cheaper meat.

Most of the killing has been abstracted far away to remote factory farms and processing plants.

With or culture and religions we like to consider ourselves to have evolved into the most spiritual of creatures. But unlike our ancestors, we never get to look in the eyes of the animals we consume.

Just how spiritual is that?

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