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What is Helix Healing©?

Helix Healing© is a new & exciting form of healing, channelled by Tina Paul working with a collective of twelve light beings from the Sirius star system.

Its format is simple to learn and it has a variety of frequency levels. It works subtly, yet powerfully to bring about positive long lasting change, clarity, empowerment and an upgrading of energy frequency.

Tina works facilitating Helix Healing© attunements and healing sessions & Helix Soul Readings© in the the UK, Europe and around the globe.

Helix Healing© is taught via an attunement process which is facilitated by Tina Paul, connecting with the Helix Healing© collective of Light Beings.

All attunements have some generic elements, but are also tailored to the individual.

During the attunement process, Tina connects with the person on a soul level and activates their connection with the Helix Healing© Collective. Whilst undertaking this, the individual will connect with their Soul’s power symbol & gain increased knowledge of their true Soul purpose. This assists to gain clarity, break through any limiting barriers and empower their soul on all levels.

After becoming attuned there follows a 13 day cleansing & re-alignment process. During this time, Tina will be available for support to ensure that any releasing issues that may arise are dealt with in a positive, nurturing way.

After attending a course and successfully passing the assessment day the individual becomes a Helix Healing© ‘Facilitator of Change’ Practitioner.

All Helix Healing© Attunement Courses & workshops are fully certificated and Helix Healing© is fully insurable through Westminster Indemnity Insurance Company.

All practitioners are required to gain professional & public liability insurance in order to practice as a Helix Healing© ‘Facilitator of Change’ Practitioner.

Helix Healing© therapy sessions are non-invasive and clients remain fully clothed throughout. Practitioners work within a client’s energy field and connect with the client on a soul level, using specific symbols, sacred geometry and coloured energy vortexes. Specific crystals are sometimes also used intuitively during consultations. These are all utilised to balance and align the energy centres, subtle bodies and raise the individuals energy vibration through releasing worn out belief systems & clearing energy blocks.

Helix Healing© is not a hands-on therapy. Therapy sessions can take place with the client seated, lying down or standing. Standing therapy sessions take place whilst the client is standing on a coloured spiral and take place within a specifically created vortex of coloured energy.

Interested? Then contact Tina Paul on 07813110167 or for more details

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