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Want this to stop!!

My name is Ursula and since the week before fall my hands start to go dry then crack and bleed. I have tried many hand creams and nothing works (or it works at the beginning then is useless after a while). The strange thing is that my hands turn really red and it stops right at the wrist. My hands are always cold to touch and even become stiff sometimes. When I wake up my hands are usually fine but as soon as I start to go about my day they are red and dry. I wonder if its a circulation problem. I have very sensitive skin and I just want to find a way to stop this! I hear from a chinese man that I sould eat ginger to improve circulation so I am up for any suggestion!

Thanks to anyone who can help!

7 years, 5 months ago Karen Matthews as Freedom Healing wrote:


You may need to go and see a doctor or skin specialist for this.

I can suggest emu oil as a very good skin healer. You must be careful when it comes to putting lotions on broken skin but you can put emu oil on your dry skin.

You could also soak your hands in an oil based hand bath regularly. When I worked as a nanny I had to wash my hands a lot and the natural oils did not have time to regenerate so my skin got very dry and split.

Circulation could be a problem for the other symptoms so get someone to massage your hands using oils or a very good hand cream. You could also use salt crystals as a very good skin healer.

I hope this helps.

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