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The Clitoris - do you know how amazing this pleasure organ is?

Yes, I'm a man - but after a recent video shared by I was inspired to share the untold story of the clitoris which until 1998 was not fully known or described in anatomy.

Physiologically similar to the penis, it's full length is hidden inside the body, with only the glans showing at the surface.

The first MRI of the clitoris was published in 2005 by Dr. O'Connell.

It is the only organ whose sole function is pleasure.

Sadly, many men and women believe that intercourse is the primary means to pleasure for a woman, whereas in fact 70-80% of women require stimulation directly on the clitoris to achieve orgasm, which often does not happen during intercourse.

Add to this the very sad fact that in some cultures the barbaric practice of clitoral mutilation continues, and we see that we live in a world that is at best ignorant of how to give women physical pleasure, and at worst is actively denying pleasure and causing pain.

Here is the video:

Guys - think about it - imagine if we told to have sex without touching the penis - or worse our family and culture told us when we were a child we needed to have the head of our member cut off!

We owe it to women everywhere to fully educate ourselves and others about the huge role the clitoris plays in women's sexual pleasure. This is the 21st century - please!

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