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Tanmaya talks about her journey with Reiki...

Tanmaya discovered Reiki in 1983 while traveling in California (in Berkeley, Francisco).

In this interview she talks in detail about her personal experiences, development and her own path with Reiki up to today.

Tanmaya’s developing interest in Reiki came out of a passion for her own personal growth and spiritual development … she gave herself a Reiki treatment daily for three months and says about this time… "…when I was treating myself I went into such deep and strong inner spaces that I knew it was what I had been looking for – not just in terms of healing on the physical level, but emotionally and spiritually.”

Taken from: "The Power of Reiki", by Tanmaya , published 2014). In her book she describes how she discovered Reiki and talks about her first steps with Reiki.

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