Question by gorantorsan 7 years, 9 months ago

stomach problems

Dear friends,

I have stomach problem since july 15, i have pains in down part of stomach, and upper where the liver is....i have tried to go to all kind of doctors but no one can help me..... so i need help, i am father of tree children i have only 38 years,this problems change my life. I am bagging for help.... i would like to help to other people who have problems like me.... I believe that i can find help here....

7 years, 9 months ago Jeremy Leach wrote:

Dear Goran,

Sorry to hear of your situation.

Have you not received any diagnosis from any doctor at all? If they are not able to help you and at the same time cannot shed any diagnosis, then as you say you have explored all the conventional options.

To me, and I am not a medical doctor, so I can only suggest avenues of enquiry and I cannot make any form of diagnosis, you might want to investigate whether it is gallbladder related. Have you had an ultrasound scan of that area?

As you already know, your symptoms are chronic and it may take a long time to find the answer.

The various complimentary avenues to investigate are detox and cleansing, for example a liver/gallbladder flush (look it up), and getting some advice on your diet to see if that can change things..

Many people find moving away from processed foods and grains, and adopting more raw foods and fermented foods can help your body heal underlying chronic problems.

What avenues have you looked into yourself?

7 years, 9 months ago gorantorsan wrote:

my dear friend

Doctors find that i have a lot candida inside my body, i have one small stone in left kidney but all doctors who was looking my results say that cant couse problems i have. so i stopped to use suggar, white fluor, start to drink natural tees, like chamomile, and herba....i am filling little better but thats is not my life any more pain are present 24 hours a day, i forget how it looks to live without pains....

in my life i never use alcoholic drinks, and any kind of drugs at all.

7 years, 9 months ago Jeremy Leach wrote:

If it is the candida that is the culprit, then eating lots of green leafy vegetables, raw, will help as you avoid the sugar, flour and i would also avoid wheat.

Then I believe the fermented foods like sauerkraut will help - but please consult a qualified naturopath.

Best wishes for a full recovery. It will probably take time i'm afraid, but hopefully in a few months you can feel better.

Let us know how you get on. I hope some experts can comment here as well and advise you.

7 years, 9 months ago gorantorsan wrote:

it would be great to get help from qualified naturopath.


7 years, 8 months ago jade wrote:

I know someone that might be able to help you!!! Do let me know your email and I will put you in touch with him. Nice to meet you btw jade x

7 years, 7 months ago Jeremy Leach wrote:

Hey Goran,

how is your situation, did you get any help or relief?


7 years, 7 months ago gorantorsan wrote:

Jade my mail is

i still have same problems.....nothing better, 2 day i feel ok than 7 days i feel bad....

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