7 years, 1 month ago

Raw Vegan Muscle Up

First muscle ups, after 8 years raw vegan and a few months training, when time allowed!

Fruits and greens work great!

Come check this out at the Raw Fruit Festival, September 1 to 7, 2013 in Spain


7 years, 1 month ago Jeremy Leach wrote:

Hi Stephane - I know that's really difficult to do - so excellent testimony to the power of raw! Does your diet differ from the 80/10/10 variety promoted by durianrider et al from youtube?

7 years ago Stephane Fit-in-Nature.net wrote:

Thanks Jeremy. Yes my diet differs from durianrider et al in the sense that I grow food, eat really fresh greens and fruits, and I don't force myself to reach a calorie intake, I eat more with instinct, with simplicity, season, but still in a low fat way, as you can;t really eat lots of fat doing sports for me. Cheers

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