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More website traffic

Hello everyone! I need advice, or help. How do I gain more traffic to my website? I am a Naturopathic Doctor and I am offering my services via internet, but I can't seem to get anyone to look at my page, let alone gain any clients. My website is listed below. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

7 years, 2 months ago Sarah Collins wrote:

First there is the strictly technical stuff. You need to choose three or four key words or short phrases people are likely to search for your services with. E.g. natural medicine, diet and nutrition, naturopathy, etc. USE these key phrases on your home page about 3-4 times each. Not more, or the search engines think your site is spammy. Also, use the phrases in your additional pages - but don't over use them.

Second, the search engines are designed to favour informational sites over straight selling sites, so use your additional pages to give information about naturopathy. You could talk about the naturopathic approach to diet as opposed to medical dietetics, for example.

The search engines like sites with links - so add links to any professional bodies you belong to, and to other practitioners. Avoid direct competitors, but think about people who are complementary to you - massage therapists for example, or shops which sell natural foods, perhaps even suppliers of organic cosmetics and toiletries. Use a links page to send your own clients to source items you recommend but don't want to sell yourself.

ASK people to exchange links! If you link out to a business, ask it to link to you.

On the home page make things interesting - not too cluttered, though. Try a quote box and perhaps a photo of yourself and keep the text broken up.

These are all just general comments - I'm sure other people are much more techie than me, but these things have helped me get traffic over the years.

7 years, 2 months ago Jeremy Leach wrote:

Hi TPring! Welcome to Linkholistic :)

Don't get discouraged - it takes a lot of time to get established on the internet - so take it one step at a time. The good thing is as you get established, that work continues to pay off into the future.

I agree with what Sarah wrote. In addition, it is good practice to write regular articles and post them on your site. Maybe one a week. Each article should be about either health problems that you can help with, or naturopathic approaches that you might use in your practice.

Make sure the title of the page contains the keywords that describe the article and embody what potential clients might look for.

You have to think this way: google want to provide the public with the best information relating to what they are searching for. So you need to provide the best information to those search queries, in the form of articles.

Then when people read those articles, they will feel confident in your ability to help them and will contact you.

This is how you can become established as an authority on the internet. But it takes time!

Pursue other channels as well. Go to holistic fairs, make sure your friends know what you do and get testimonials that you can put on your website.

Also posting an article or two on this site might help.

I hope this helps - keep us all posted!


7 years, 2 months ago JeanRobert wrote:

Can only second Jeremy's advice: at first the costs of building an online presence are high, but if you focus on quality services it will pay off in the mid term.

Good luck with your site

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