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Inner Self Mastery Programme

This programme offers several modalities, with the aim of releasing old patterning and trauma, to find your core gifts and talents. Once we know what our wounding is, we can work with it, instead of fight it - this way we shift our whole being into a state of surrender.

It is then we can begin to do the work we came here to do , to shine our light, and embrace our own divine uniqueness. This is the path of ascension.

Ongoing support is offered via a private fb group, or other appropriate communication platform for the client.

Packages of 6 sessions can be purchased, which will make a substantial shift in your life. Alternatively, you may simply wish to buy individual sessions as and when you deem is needed.

Once you begin to clear your patterning not only will you feel different, but your life will change due to the law of attraction.

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