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Hep C & HIV

Hi All,

I'm new to the forum and have a quick question. I currently work in the addiction services as a therapist. Has anyone any suggestions regarding protecting myself while working with clients who have Hepatitis C or HIV.

All information greatly appreciated!! :)


7 years, 8 months ago nat_kdy wrote:

Hi Sonia

I have worked in the addiction field for almost twenty years now and would hope that we all take the same care to protect those we work with and ourselves from all BBVs, no matter their background. I would use the same precautions with regards to open wounds, sterilising equipment properly and general safe working practices with all my clients and service users, whether they have an addiction issue or not. I would more want to promote extra care required with regards to thinner skin, any contraindications with medications and the mental health effects of being Hep C or HIV positive. I feel those issues are more pertinent when working with our vulnerable service users and the benefits of holistic therapy are enormous

Natalie Wood

Sports and Remedial Holistic Therapist

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