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Healthcare of the future - Dr. Eric Topol

I found myself really hopeful when I saw this video today.

This video is a 'must watch' if you want to see how healthcare will look in the future. Especially if you love iPhones!

Here is a medical doctor who is:

1. standing up to the drug companies

2. championing healthcare regimes that are individualised to the patient - (not a one size fits all "here's some pills now go home" apporach)

3. Innovating new non-invasive monitoring technologies that can give patients more freedom and more information

4. Advising people to take their own health back into their hands

I would have this man down as a techno-hippy if he didn't dress like a doctor. Maybe he is both....

All I know is that this man, Dr. Eric Topol, sees health from a holistic perspective, and he has grasped just how out of balance the current health system has got.

He was prepared to make himself very unpopular in medical circles when he stood up against the sale of Vioxx - a precsription painkiller for arthritis amongst other things - and got it taken off the market.

We need more doctors like this, doctors who have a patient-centric, a human-centric view of the future of medicine and are prepared to stand up for it.

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