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Healing with Himalayan Bowls - June Dickerson Tutor for The College of Sound Healing

As a sound practitioner I have trained over the years with many different tools that can be used within a sound healing session.

I have trained in Crystal Bowl Healing, Himalayan Bowl Sound Healing, Gong Master Training with the lovely Don Conreaux in the UK and Poland and also the use of Tuning Forks in a sound healing session.

One of the instruments close to my heart are the Himalayan Bowls, these beautiful instruments of create wonderful sounds that can take you on endless jourrneys during a healing session.

We source of Himalayan Bowls from a family in Nepal, where the bowls are hand hammered by the family. Not all bowls are hand made but can be machine made. The bowls are usually made from between 7 - 12 metals, and these can include Copper, Tin, Zinc, Iron, Lead, Gold and Silver. The makings of hand beaten or hammered singing bowls are very labor intensive work and require very skillful artisans with highly experience and dedication.

The bowls can be used in many ways during a healing session, unlike crystal bowls which are tuned to one particular note, the Himalayan Bowls because of their make-up can create a number of tones depending on how and with what they are played.

The bowl can be tapped using a mallet where it will produce its most predoninant note, it can be played using a suede covered mallet around the rim, where is can produce two notes usually one high and one low. Or you can play it with a wooden mallet, this makes the sound a little harsher and it is easy to clang the bowl with a wooden mallet,but will change the note again. In saying this some bowls will only play sometimes with a wooden mallet, these are usually the smaller bowls.

The bowls can be used around the body, placed on the back of the person you are healing and used for massage on an area of the body in certain places such as back, shoulder, joints, base of spine, bottom of feet etc.

These bowls are very gentle but very effective in their healing sounds. You can also change the sound of the bowls by holding the struck bowl up to your mouth and using the cavity of the mouth and moving the lips to create a different sound. The bowls can be programmed, and a wonderful symphony can be created with the bowls. They also work wonderfully alongside the gongs, and we often use them in concert together.

7 years, 5 months ago Jeremy Leach wrote:

Hi June,

I love the sounds these bowls make.

When you say they are used for massage, do you mean the sounds from the bowls does the massage - or that they make a sound while the practitioner is also doing massage?

I love the idea of changing the sounds with your mouth. Presumably the bowl doesn't actually touch the face? I imagine that would quickly dampen the sound or am I wrong?


7 years, 5 months ago reiki.sounds wrote:

Hi Jere,y

The bowls are placed on the fully clothed body and struck, with your hand on the inside on the bottom of the bowl you gently move in a circular motion, this is done using small bowls usually.

Using the bowl and cavity of the mouth, you strike the bowl and hold it directly in front of your mouth and make like an open O shape with your mouth, open and close it whilst sounding the bowl, this makes what they call a wah wah sound, you can play around with this changing the shape of your mouth. This is good for clearing energy blockages in the chakra's and aura. Hope this is now clear


7 years, 5 months ago Jeremy Leach wrote:

Yep, got it thanks! I love the idea of a bowl symphony :)

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