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Do you know anyone who is stressed?

Well most of us are from time to time...

We all need a little stress which is healthy, however, when prolonged it can be very unhelpful. The bodywork that we facilitate through Neutral Space Relaxation, helps by sharing a set of simple bodywork techniques, initially to be shared with friends and family. There are further trainings available for Practitioners/ Facilitators and more.

This work is totally experiential, and profound.

We are working with clients/students to facilitate an opportunity for change, which is enabled in a gentle, and subtle way.

Returning the body back to balance, back to default, and allows the natural state of harmony and joy to return.

7 years, 7 months ago test2 wrote:

Hi Lyn,

sounds interesting! May I ask what does the 'neutral space' mean in this context and is it anything like craniosacral therapy?

Thanks - Jeremy

7 years, 7 months ago Lyn Whiteman wrote:

Hi Jeremy, thanks for your comment, its slightly similar, but different. Its a new way of working and being, its part of the new paradigm. We have created it to deeply relax a client, so much so that the experience takes them to a new level. The Intro days present the relaxation bodywork. The 3 day Practitioner course are more in depth and even more experiential with understandings shared and deeply felt. Lyn

7 years, 7 months ago Jeremy Leach wrote:

Sounds great! What do you mean by new paradigm? Post 2012?


7 years, 1 month ago Lyn Whiteman wrote:

A New Paradigm - well this is how I/we see the way forward, being in ' the Neutral Space' is a new way of being and engaging in the world. It started out as 'just a beautiful bodywork' technique, a system that totally relaxes the body and mind, encouraging more clarity and a deeper sense of well being. However, as we have been working and sharing the bodywork over time, even deeper understandings have come forward, and we can see the potential of these being applied as a new way forward.

Moving out of the old paradigm ( ways of doing things), into the new way of being. Once taken, the 3 day Practitioner course has a way of transforming areas of confusion, assisting students to gain a greater sense of themselves and have much more confidence in themselves. This is an opportunity to become more of who we truly are, not stuck in a pattern, but escaping the patterns, working from the heart and allowing a more fluid flexible and fruitful life to be lived. Apologies for taking a while to respond - been busy training and enjoying every minute of it! Lyn

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