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A Prayer to Nature

Cycles of nature
Cycles of nature

Dear Nature,

thank you for the wood that gives its life for our heat, the smells that light our senses in the dark of our analytic minds and take us back to you.

Dear Nature,

thank you for the space between heaven and earth where we can play with sex, food, light, dark, growth, life, love, colour, the ecstasy of our journey through form.

Dear Nature,

I want to cry with my aching to return to your womb, where comfort in the knowledge that my journey is part of an infinite unfoldment of light becomes the only reality worth living.

Dear Nature,

help me be at peace with my fellow beings, spirits and energies, whose forms and shapes show me all the diversity of your boundless creation. I long to be with you Nature, in the woods.

Show me the path back to myself, show me the journey that I need to take to honor the gift of life that you gave me.

How can I thank you for this precious journey - each moment never to be repeated or experienced again. I don't know the meaning of your design, but it feels beautiful and fills me with the joy of being alive.

Dear Nature,

thank you for staying close, thank you for showing me what you are, and living through me.

6 years, 4 months ago maria wrote:

Thank you!

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