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A Daily Meditation:-

A Daily Meditation:-

I ask my Higher Self to surround me with with protection.

I ask my Higher Self to guide me to the Highest Truth and Wisdom.

I set the outside edge of my Aura to six feet in every direction from my physical body.

I manifest a beautiful bubble of Golden Light around the Outside of My Aura.

I open and Activate my Earth Star Chakra.

I open and Activate My Cosmic Star Chakra.

I open and Activate My Pranic Tube of Light.

From my Heart Chakra I radiate my Pranic Tube of Light downwards, through my Solar Plexus Chakra, through my Sexual Chakra, through my Root Chakra, Though my knee Chakras, my feet Chakras, through my Earth Star Chakra down into Mother Gaia, connecting into the Crystaline Grid and into the Heart Chakra of Mother Gaia.

I send my LOVE, My Gratitude to Mother Gaia below. Feel all your chakras from your Heart downwards being activated, cleansed, being balanced and brought into perfect alignment.

Spend some time feeling the connection and giving thanks.Focus again upon my Heart Chakra. Feel Your pranic tube of Light Ascending upwards. Though your Thymus Chakra, Though your Throat Chakra, your Third Eye Chakra, Your Crown Chakra, your Cosmic Star Chakra and upwards to Your Higher Self..................Ask Your Higher Self to connect You to the Highest Divine Energies that are in Alignment with Your Highest and Greatest Good and the Highest and Greatest Good for All of Creation at this time.

Relax into the energy flow.


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